XR Safety Awareness Week 2020

Child Safety in VR: Parents’ Perspective

New tech is always appealing to younger generations and with the increased accessibility to immersive technology through more affordable stand-alone headsets, children are finding their way into VR games and communities. During Child Safety in VR: Parents’ Perspective, expert panelists will discuss whose responsibility it is to police the communities and what sorts of standards we should set for this emerging immersive tech. Their perspectives are unique since they can comment as parents who have extensive knowledge about some area of the VR industry.


  • moderated by Sonya Haskins – XRSI Advisor | Founder, VR Community Builders
  • Vandana Verma – President, InfosecGirls | Founding Member, The Cyber XR Coalition
  • Rodrigo Tamellini – Co-Founder & CEO – GamerSafer
  • Louisa Spring – Founder, SAM Immersive