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Singularity Watch season 01 | episode 01

And the journey begins! Join us in the first episode of our exploration in the Technological Singularity and the emerging realities.

Today we’re meeting Sophia Batchelor, Neuroscientist, Post Graduate Researcher at the University of Leeds and the Center for Immersive Technologies. 

She works at the intersection of immersive technologies and neuroscience, understanding and unpacking how these technologies may be implemented for the betterment of society.  Passionate about data privacy, Sophia researches what it means to be humane in our digital age, and she is thrilled to join Singularity Watch today. 

Our first step is here: SINGULARITY WATCH, the immersive podcast that is going to shed light on the challenges of the Technological Singularity.
Join us here for our premiere on Friday, the 18th of September at 8 am EDT!