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Singularity Watch S01 E17 | WebXR, the solution to the challenges of XR? | Fabien Benetou

“You get a URL, you click on it, and—boom—you’re in AR/VR!”

Fabien Benetou is quite enthusiastic when he talks about WebXR, one of the hottest trends in the immersive environment.

Why? The reason is quite simple: with WebXR standards, we have the opportunity to make AR and VR converge to a unified approach, preventing the risks of fragmentation.

This conversation with Fabien immediately took interesting paths: he’s a consultant for the European Parliament Innovation Lab, where — in his own words — he has the mission of “measuring bullshit”. He’s also a technical advisor for Unicef Innovation Fund, a place where dealing with accessibility, or betting on the right projects, is critical. Devs’ moment: what do you think is Fabien’s favorite framework or WebXR approach?

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