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Singularity Watch S01 E18 | Worlds of Today, Worlds of Tomorrow: XR and the Metaverse

In this last episode of Season 1, we have invited in the same room two brilliant minds in XR.

Andreea Ion Cojocaru was our guest in the beautiful Episode 10. She is the founder of the NUMENA creative studio, and she’s an architect both for the physical and for the virtual world, and we know this brings with it many questions. We’ll touch them during our chat!

Doug Thompson reached our virtual studio for the first time, but he’s a person who’s been exploring and building the metaverse for the last 14 years. Doug has also been the producer of Metanomics, perhaps the world’s first ‘serious’ talk show hosted in a virtual environment. Enjoy this chat! We will come back with a new season this fall!

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Oli D’Adda
Kavya Pearlman

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