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Medical XR, Accessibility, and Security with Rachel Michelson | Singularity Watch S01E05

The immersive technologies are transforming the way we play, meet, and interact with the space around us. Not only that: they are reshaping the way we think about surgery, therapy, and rehabilitation.

That’s true! Even if all this is less visible than the latest cool game you just installed, XR is making its way into healthcare, impacting key areas of patient care in dozens of innovative applications, from medical and skill-based training to the assisted delivery of high-precision robotic surgery and much more.

In 2020, the XR Safety Initiative gathered a team of first-class medical and security experts to create the Medical XR Council. Rachel Michelson, who leads this initiative, is our guest today, in Episode 5 of Singularity Watch!

Are we understanding the potential of this revolution? What challenges are we facing? And how can we secure all the legacy technology in this particular domain? Hold tight, because Rachel is someone you really want to listen!

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Oli D’Adda
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