XR Safety Awareness Week 2020

Roundtable discussion with Dr. Nduka, Dr. Greenleaf, and Rachel Michelson

Immersive technology in healthcare is gaining recognition for its potential to improve clinical outcomes for patients.

Practical solutions are already becoming reality (pun intended) at multiple hospitals and research centers around the world.

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable visionaries lead the way, anticipating forthcoming challenges and removing obstacles.

We are delighted to air portions of a panel organized by Emteq with Dr. Walter Greenleaf and Dr. Charles Nduka, who each lead research, create practical solutions, and above all, advocate for immersive tech as a way for the quality of life for patients.

They are joined by Rachel Michelson, the XR Safety Initiative Medical XR Council Lead, who advocates for streamlining safety, cybersecurity, and privacy best practices for these emerging technologies.

The panel, facilitated by Dr. James Somaroo, highlights efficacy, deployability, and accountability concerns for immersive technologies in the healthcare of today and going forward. 

1. Dr. Charles Nduka – How safe is XR?

2. Rachel Michelson – How Accessible is XR?

3. Rachel Michelson – What are some of the privacy risks with the use of VR and XR technology?

4. Dr. Charles Nduka – Where are we currently with the regulation of XR?

5. Rachel Michelson – Where are we currently with the regulation of XR?

6. Dr. Walter Greenleaf – Who is responsible for the regulation on XR?

7. Dr. Charles Nduka – How can the data from XR technology be used in medicine?

8. Dr. Walter Greenleaf – What needs to be done to tighten regulations on XR?

9. Rachel Michelson – What’s next on the agenda for XRSI?