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Safer Gamers and Children | Rodrigo Tamellini | Singularity Watch S01 E06

Rodrigo Tamellini has 20 years of experience leading product, marketing and business strategy teams with global technology companies designing and launching over 100 products worldwide and driving billions in revenue. He started his career as a product engineer in Brazil but his ability to successfully drive business and consumer products led him to climb the corporate ladder and land an executive position in Silicon Valley as Product Marketing Director of Virtual Reality, Gaming and Esports at Intel.

A lifelong gamer, his interest in technology began at 12 years old when he started hacking his computer to make it fast enough for the latest games. As founder and CEO of GamerSafer, he is driving his passion and experience to build technologies to foster positive and fair play experiences within online games and Esports. He holds an engineering degree, an MBA in strategic business management, and received the prestigious Honorable Mention Award from the Brazilian Army.

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